Perfecting the Networking Encounter

587214_handsI know there’s already advice in the blogsphere on how to give your 15-second elevator speech or ways to maximize your networking events… but not all of it is practical or effective.

So here are some REAL tips to make an impact on the other professionals you meet during the next Chamber luncheon or mar comm event you attend.

  1. Make eye contact
  2. Be a listener first, then you can tailor the information you have to share to match their interests
  3. Remember specific detail from your conversation and write it down (on the back of their business card) for future conversations
  4. Turn your phone off and hand out business cards
  5. Ask questions that you actually wan to hear the answers to
  6. When introduced to someone, say their name out loud immediately so it sticks in your head
  7. Avoid annoying self-promotion
  8. Let them know you would like to hear from them again – and when you follow up use something from your conversation to help you stand out from the crowd

Marketing events and  conferences are adapting speed networking sessions in which you get 90-seconds to meet another professional, exchange cards, and mention communications challenges they’re facing… and then meet someone new. (It’s a trend that I expect will be growing.)

What’s the best networking tip you ever received?


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2 responses to “Perfecting the Networking Encounter”

  1. Julia Schick says :

    How timely, I’m supposed to give your best 3 Networking Tips at Coffee Contacts tomorrow at PACC/MACC… Hope you don’t mind if I steal a few ☺
    I also got your vm. I really need to meet with family before I want to dedicate too much time on messaging and I’m waiting on board member who wants to initiate the meeting, who is at our annual conference this week. I’m hoping to meet with family week of Oct. 27… b/c I’m shooting our 40th anniversary video next week.

    Julia Schick

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