Social Media Ad Spending Out of Control. Make yours count.

We all know by now that a successful social media campaign includes content and advertising. But just what kind of media mix does it take to really consider your reach successful?
In a recent article on Social Media ad spending on LinkedIn there was a lot of shared data on changing consumer trends (check it here) So what’s a business to do? One business owner confessed to the Wall Street Journal she spent up to $250,000 USD per month on Facebook ads?!
Which makes us all ask – what does that kind of budget get you? Well, when they started it was $30,000 per month on Facebook. With consistent testing and refining, they increased to $250k monthly. Tripling the subscriber base to 35,000 and revenue run rate to around five million dollars.
There are a lot of new digital agencies that specialize in social media advertising ad claim to help get you these results. If you choose to invest in this method, make sure you do your homework to find a qualified agency interested in helping you use your dollars efficiently and targeted to your audience.
In 2013, internet advertising flew past print advertising for the first time. Our media habits are changing – mobile devices, tablets and DVRs are making it easier to stream content on demand without having to watch the paid ads. So if you have built your audience correctly, you are marketing to people interested in your products or services. The payoff for digital ads can then be well worth it.

Stick with the basics to be successful.
1. Establish good relationships.
2. Post regularly.
3. Write great content.
4. Avoid forcing customers.
5. Consistent message across channels.

What have you found to be successful in your social media advertising campaigns?


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