A Lesson in On-Demand Marketing

This really great article on LinkedIn by David Edelman, focuses on what businesses should learn from Apple. Not only has Apple lead major changes in how to brand a product or service, but now its entering the digital marketing arena and shifting to On-Demand Marketing.

So what is On-demand Marketing? It’s all about being actively responsive to your customers (and potential customers) based on four trends in consumer expectations:

1. NOW: Interacting anywhere at any time.

2. CAN I: Doing things they’ve never been able to do before.

3. FOR ME: Having truly personalized experiences.

4. SIMPLY: Having all interactions to be easy.

This world of marketing is about moving from “always-on” to “always-relevant,” from “marketing at customers” to “marketing as a service.” So for marketing to become relevant and a real service that means having a very clear sense of the consumer decision journey…

Consider these three levels of analysis:

Telescope – A clear view of the broad and long-term trends in the market, category, and brand. Digital tracking provides constant feedback on consumer habits, needs and wants. Betting understanding consumer challenges and improving them could help design better experiences.

Binoculars – A complete, integrated picture of where they spend their money, which interactions actually happen and what these outcomes are. These types of analytic data would help connect brands with customers and allow brands to make personal suggestions, share educational material or create crowd-sourced suggestion contests. All ways to strengthen the emotional engagement from brand fans.

Microscope – Technology and analytics to create services, messages and offering that are relevant to the individual. research shows that this level of personalization can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spending and lift sales 10% or more.

It will be interesting to see how Apple uses these methods to develop its marketing with a more digital, interactive and analytical approach while maintaining its creativity.


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