PR Trends to Adapt Today

1254520_teamwork__1The Public Relations atmosphere is constantly changing due to the Internet and businesses demanding results. To communicate effectively, we need to share brand messages to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships build on trust and understanding. Success in today’s challenging field is communicating your message across multiple platforms, and these trends are gaining momentum. In order to stay relevant, we as professionals need to adapt and use these methods in our communications programs.

From PR News, here are five trends for 2014.

  1. Continued Push for ROI
    In order to justify today’s public relations campaigns, you need to get over the fear of relying on data and numbers to judge results. Technology is growing closer to accurately measuring the impact of PR, providing tools for gauging customer engagement, brand sentiment and actions directly attributed to income revenue. This data provides insight to adjusting your message and optimizing campaigns.
  2. Erasing Traditional Boundaries
    PR teams need to embrace and collaborate with complementary departments, such as marketing and sales, but also social consumers who are helping to shape opinions and brands. Social media, content marketing and SEO have evolved with traditional departments into one cohesive marketing strategy. Connecting with online fans can create some of your most effective spokespersons.
  3. Advanced Brand Journalism
    Traditional media is undergoing massive decline, leaving PR departments searching for more sustainable ways to disseminate their messages across audiences. Some businesses are expanding brand journalism capabilities by contracting freelancers or seasoned journalists and publishers in-house to enhance their ability to develop winning content strategies. At the same time, PR practitioners need to recognize social media and digital publishing are new preferred outlets for accessing news – and strategically deliver content to their audiences through them.
  4. Renewed Emphasis on Trust
    Building trust with the public is a fundamental element of every effective PR campaign. And because the Internet allows every opinion a voice, it’s even more important to send a message that instills confidence and trust. Position your brand as a leader in dealing with emerging digital threats by relating in real terms the progressive actions being taken to harbor a secure online environment.
  5. The Social Mission
    The success of philanthropic businessesĀ  – those dedicated to supporting important human and environmental changes instead of investors – gives every business a new reason to have a philanthropic mission statement. The concept of tying a brand to a social cause that resonates with your core consumers is age old, and publicly taking action can be a powerful tool for winning over socially conscious consumers to build trust and deeper emotional connections.

While PR tactics are changing, its core purpose and objectives remain the same. PR professionals that adapt to these digital changes and use them effectively to achieve (and show) results will have greater relevance for years to come.


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