Quick Tip for SEO Video

digital-video-1164918-mAbsolutely had to share this quick tip for publishing your next content marketing video to YouTube. Not only does video add a completely new and exciting element to your marketing mix but it can also have multiple purposes.

From Social Media Impact, the first way to ensure your video is optimized (and the most obvious) is to edit the Title, Description and Tags sections with keywords related to your video content. If you do some research in advance, you can use the most popular related terms to maximize your SEO results.

Another good idea is to create and add your videos to Playlists so similar videos can be viewed in a continuous stream.

Finally, and most easily to look over, is adding captions to your video. By adding captions to your upload, it increases the SEO influence by having a transcription in the file upload that is “crawlable.”

The article includes detailed instructions for editing video captions but here’s a brief overview.

  1. In edit mode, click the Captions tab and then Add a new track.
  2. Type what’s spoken in the video. Pause as you move along to accurately align the typed text with the video.
  3. Disable the automatic captions (This really does not accurately transcribe video, I wouldn’t trust it).
  4. Review your upload transcript and make necessary changes.

Now, you’re ready to upload great new content!


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