Inspirational Makeup Ads Reveal by Uncovering

These very inspiring Dermablend Professional ads help their clients tell a revealing story of their inner beauty and are a great demonstration of a brand’s promise to its customers.

If you are unaware, Dermablend corrective cosmetics are used by people with mild to severe skin conditions. Through testimonial, two women reveal how makeup has allowed the world to look past their skin and into who they really are inside – unconventional to the standards of most advertising that tells women to cover up, its makeup that makes you beautiful. In these ads however, the women cover-down and remove their makeup while telling her compelling story.

AdWeek choose to feature these ads for the idea behind them in which makeup isn’t about vanity; it can help free oneself from ridicule and live a normal life.

The new ads from Agence Tudedo make the dramatic point that Dermablend products don’t allow people to hide, they allow them to reveal who they truly are to the world.

These women “fight through the shock that their skin condition creates—people look at them and stop at their skin,” said Tuxedo creative director Ludwig Ciupka. “Covering themselves allows people to see through their imperfections and see who they are inside.” (AdWeek)

In the unscripted testimonials, these women define what the Dermablend brand brings to its customers. EXCELLENT brand message and felt compelled to share when I find that an agency and a brand create something great.

The videos are running on YouTube and the Dermablend site.

Client: Dermablend Professional
General Manager, U.S., Dermablend & Vichy: Sonya Sheth
Agency: Agence Tuxedo, Montreal
Art Director/Director: Ludwig we had planned 45 minutes per girls to allow them to talk and they took 5 minutes each and we were amazed at how much ‘real’ content we got from them.
Director of Client Services: Nancy Gendron
Manager, Client Services: Roxanne Champagne
Video Editing: Jean-Michel Simard
Production Company: Agence Tuxedo
Music: Zoo Brazil, “Heart’s a Legend” (Blackhole Recordings)
Talent: Cassandra Bankson, Cheri Lindsay, Rick Genest (aka Rico or Zombie Boy)


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