Top LinkedIn Marketing Groups to Join NOW

Hubspot shares a lot of great info on the latest digital marketing trends. This recent article recommends 20 LinkedIn groups to join if you want to stay on top of content from the best and brightest industry experts. I’m only going to detail a few of these groups here but if you want the full list, check it out.

(Note: Some of these group are public, meaning any LinkedIn member is free to join, while other are private, meaning you can click to join them but will have to be approved by the group’s owner or moderator.)

Digital Marketing
427,420 members. As one of the largest groups on LinkedIn, this community is full of inspiration, intriguing discussions and detailed tips and best practices for improving your online marketing and more.

eMarketing Association Network
552,753 members. Managed by the eMarketing Association, the group serves anyone interested in marketing as it focuses on social media, email, search, mobile and general inbound marketing.

B2B Marketing
36,184 members. If you focus primarily on communicating with B2B companies, then you must join this niche group to strategize on ways to conquer your biggest marketing challenges.

Non-profit Marketing
30,914 members. If you’re a nonprofit marketer, this is the largest and most active nonprofit marketing group on LinkedIn.

Sales/Marketing Executives (CSO/CMO)
134,206 members. This group is a prime one to join if you want to get inspired by super-smart leaders)

SEO SEM Social Media
77,801 members. Join this group if you’re interested in participating in or listening to some of the most controversial topics on the web.

Creative Design Pros
152,059 members. Get new ideas from experienced designers sharing graphic design tips and best practices. You’ll also learn more about how to approach a good relationship with your agency or in-house design team.

Business Development
148,815 members. Like minded professionals in sales, busienss development, marketing, demand generation and inside sales functions who are all primarily in tech companies. A great spot to learn how to successfully turn those contacts into customers.


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A marketing communications professional helping other marketing professionals, business leaders and marketing students gain a better understanding of trends in advertising and public relations as well as tips for being a successful marketer.

One response to “Top LinkedIn Marketing Groups to Join NOW”

  1. Victoria Ipri says :

    I’m not sure why “number of members” qualifies a group as a top group. In my experience, many of these huge groups are poorly managed and, for the small business owner, it’s tough to stand out. At any rate, if you’re a copywriter, business writer, etc. check out The Confident Copywriter, also a very popular, albeit smaller and more personal, LinkedIn top recommended group:

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