Adapt these habits if you seek high success in PR

Do you strive to do your best every day? Can you communicate your clients message with its most important audiences? Ever wonder what it takes to be highly successful in public relations?

Well, I have. This article from the PR News blog had tapped into the best public relations professionals and thousands of leaders to develop this list of 9 Habits of Highly Effective PR People.

Do you have some of these qualities already?

1. Listen hard: Focus on key conversations and jot down what you heard, because you think you’ll remember the key takeaways but you wont.

2. Speak the local language: understand the lingo of the communities and markers you serve and learn their language.The nuances can make a difference in your campaign.

3. Read until your eyes hurt: Reading stirs your imagination, helps you to become a better writer and keeps you well informed.

4. Embrace measurement: you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

5. Become a subject matter expert: Find a niche, study it, live it and become the go-to expert on that niche.

6. Practice your math: Knowing how to read a Profit/Loss statement, build and execute on a budget, how to calculate growth and decline will position your for leadership, and improve your PR initiatives.

7. Hone your writing skills: how you write is often how you’re perceived in the field of communications, if you can’t articulate our message in writing, you can’t go from Good to Great.

8. Master your Social: Social media is not a strategy, its a platform. Understand it and use it regularly, but don’t forget about communicating and networking in person and by phone – it holds more long-term value for you as a PR leader.

9. Be a PR advocate:

Public Relations often suffers from an image problem; PR is not just about pitching to the media or bitching about the media; it’s one of the most important disciplines within an organization. Advocate for your profession – and the best way to do that is by being a Great PR Person.

Some personal habit to add…

  • When a reporter bites get them whatever they want as fast as you can. Always be available to the press and follow up to thank them when they cover you.
  • Tell a story that moves people to act – share your ideas through words, written and spoken. Use visuals (share photos/video media when appropriate).
  • Build relationships with the media – when you need to tell your story, those relationships will get the job done.

I am always seeking new ways to improve how I communicate. What habits have made you a successful public relations agent?



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