Predicted Winter Games Viewer Habits

As the Winter Games wrap up this week and Gold medals awarded, I came across this frequency-survey-scale-1-1395771-minteresting article on AdWeek about predicted viewer social media habits and input on what types of ad content they wanted to see from major sponsors.

Winter Olympics sponsors will be glad to know that people who watch the games are 9 percent more likely than the general public to buy from companies that sponsor sporting events, but beware of celebrity endorsements—viewers are 43 percent less likely to buy products that celebrities use, according to Experian Marketing Services. Meanwhile, multitasking during the games is on the rise, with three-fourths of those planning to watch the Winter Games plan to use more than one device while doing so, per Arnold Worldwide.

Of the 400 adults surveyed online, 47% of adults confirmed they will watch the games and 35% might follow (giving marketers a reach to nearly 80% of consumers). And of those watching, 74% will do it with multiple devices… my how our audience has changed. How do you grab the attention of someone like that?

At least 62% of them will share Olympics content (and 77% among 18-29 year olds) to help spread the word from athletes and advertisers. It was also noted that Facebook was the most popular platform for sharing with 81%, of course Twitter (34% adults) and YouTube (36% adults) will also have a part in making Olympics history.

The survey also revealed that while consumers are responsive to brand messages (9% more likely to buy from company that sponsors sporting events and 18% more likely to buy Made in the USA) they are not receptive to direct celebrity endorsements – 43% less likely to buy products that celebrities use.

Which proves that ad pretesting can be a blessing because this year’s sponsor ads fit right into this trend of focusing on stories and connecting with viewer emotions.

Do you think that advertisers hit the mark this year. Who would you give Gold, Silver and Bronze to? In your opinion, which brand earned the Gold Social Media award?



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