Predicted Social Media Trends for 2014

I think we can all agree that 2013 has seen more changes in the social media advertising landscape more than any year before. And Don’t expect the train to slow either according to top analysts.

From Search Engine Watch, here are 5 Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2014.

1. More Twitter Ads
In 2013, Twitter increased its user interface on desktops and mobile devices helping the platform gain millions of new users (not to mention completed its IPO). With the introduction of Lead Generation Cards, tailored audiences (remarketing), promoted accounts in timelines and new optimization for keyword targeting, Twitter has a big year ahead showing its new shareholders the rapid development it expects will continue.

2. Facebook Video Ads
Aren’t you glad to know that TV advertising is was (and still is) a fundamental piece to the modern advertising puzzle?  I am, although many viewers are adapting their TV habits online meaning video advertising must shift with it. Because videos are prominently featured in Facebook feeds organically, it seems the next phase is to adapt video ads into its content. We’ll see where this leads…

3. Ads on Google+
What you didn’t know that people actually use Google+? Yeah it surprises me too, but as marketers we need to be where our audience is active and engaged. While for now its still completely void of ads, we can’t expect that to continue at the loss of revenue… Rumor has it that +Post Ads are in development. Notably this isn’t an ad unit, brands will be able to take quality Google+posts and advertise them across the Google Display Network. Hmm…

4. Fragmentation vs Variety
Every tech guy out there is trying to build the next Facebook network and though some like Pinterest and SnapChat have established a mass base of members, others have burnt out. Then with mass-appeal and adoption comes new responsibility to create revenue. Pinterest and Instagram are both experimenting with fledgling advertising platforms. Reddit, Foursquare, Tumblr and others are already providing self-serve ad campaigns.

All of these new platform begin to create a dilemma as companies try to decide which platform is going to give them the reach and engagement they’re seeking. So if you missed my post last week with the SUPERGRAPHIC of the social media landscape, look again because our jobs are only going to become more complicated when trying to reach our target audience.

5. Blurred lines between Paid and Organic Content
First came a simple and straightforward ad unit on Facebook. Then Twitter and its promoted tweets for timelines. Now, Facebook, LinkedIn and others have newsfeed ad units that have boosted engagement and click-through rates while blurring the lines of what is organic or paid social content. Effectively blending into the natural landscape of the users social feed. Why? More people click on ads that look like organic content…  so just expect this sticky trend of “sponsored” content to grow.



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