Ten Twitter Tactics from the Pros

Ever wonder why certain brands have such high success on social media platforms?  They listen to their audience, then use the platforms unique benefits to provide great content for sharing and engagement.

Consider the impressive activity from the Travel + Leisure’s Twitter feed… More than 570,000 global followers (and growing at 3.6% per month). In October, 766 tweets drew 14,371 interactions with a potential reach of 14.2 million! The director of editorial product development, Peter Frank creates opportunities for engagement with these basic strategies:

1.  Think about what your audience is thinking about.
Time of Day Matters -Recommend restaurants around lunch/dinner or tips for traveling at 7:00am when people are getting ready to pack/leave for the day.

Jump into trending conversations – When CNN was breaking news at LA airport, T+L was tweeting followers about the incident with a link to it on CNN.

Know your evergreens – Play up content that you know has performed well and applies to anytime of year/season. Don’t be afraid to tweet the same story more than once.

2.  Tell your audience what to think about.
Distract your audience from their daily routine or announce holidays and anniversaries.

3.  Get their attention quickly and lead them like sheep.
Start with a short question or sentence like “How do you become a better traveler?” or explain whats behind links. Avoid hashtag overkill and test different locations for links, like in the middle of the tweet rather than always at the end.

4.  Let the picture tell the story.
Using images can help make your brand stand out. Repurpose images across platforms.

5.  Have a conversation.
Resolve complaints by taking swift action (and make it known you are taking action). Answer questions in a similar and timely manner.

6  … and Create a conversation.
Offer to chat with a panel of experts, brands and influencers on occasion (weekly, monthly) for about 15-20 minutes.

7.  Give followers the last word.
Crowdsource. For example, a photo of neighborhoods surrounding the Colesseum in Rome with added text boxes pointing to five fun or educational things to do right in that area suggested by friends and followers. Ask followers to share their pics and comment.

8.  Let followers take the reins.
Solicit nominations and give them what they want with review of suggestions.

9.  Keep your influencers happy.
Constantly engage with your influencers, retweet their content and acknowledge them.

10.  Know your audience.
Every medium is different and every social network is different so it’s important to reach each audience with relevant content.



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