Tips to Optimize Your Next Press Release for SEO

Because search engine optimization has changed so frequently in the past few years, some tricks of the past no longer make the impact they once had and other can raise red flags with credibility.So I’m always interested in reading about best practices for optimizing my press releases in this new digital world… when I found this article from EINNewswire on tips for press release SEO, I knew you’d like it too.

1.  Never have a pre-determined keywords for your press release and get them stuffed in your release in any way. First, determine the news or information you want to announce and find out the most relevant keywords on the basis of it. This way your release sounds genuine and relevant.

2.  Choose the most popular keyword phrase and weave it into your title if possible. Headlines hold the most importance in SEO and having your keyword in it will make it more searchable. Also, use the same keyword for hyperlinking in the body of the release.

3. If possible, include a keyword in the subheading.

4. Hyperlinking is good but using it too much makes your release look like spam. Limit links and incorporate the most appropriate keywords and phrases to get a better click rate.

5. Don’t forget to integrate multimedia content such as images and video. Search engines pick them up better then written text. Multimedia should be keyword optimized.

6. Refrain from using abbreviations and shorter terms that are unlikely to be found or searched. Original words like “customer relationship management” are more likely to be searched and found than “CRM”

7. Tactfully place the anchor link in the first two paragraphs. Content before the fold has more chances of being picked up by search engines.

8. While linking your page to the press release, make sure you optimize it.

I think these are great suggestions to keep in mind when writing your next press release. What SEO tactics have worked for you?


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One response to “Tips to Optimize Your Next Press Release for SEO”

  1. flint and steel says :

    Try to keep headlines brief, even though you are trying to use needed keywords. Ensure any imbedded media is of quality, and that media is optimized as well.

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