Bad Content Marketing Habits You Should Stop

hand-over-keyboard-1377963-mThis really great article from Fast Company identified 5 bad content marketing habits and gave us ways to improve them.

1. Marketing needs an internal “crack team” to create and disseminate content. Marketing cannot support your online content alone – and shouldn’t have to when you have a team of experts on hand. Consider your sources including product marketing, analysts, external experts and authors, customers, customer support and sales. Using these resources together you can develop great content for numerous topics, while keeping your audience engaged.

2. Focus your marketing on a handful of tactics, and do those tactics well. Good advice, but you don’t need to limit yourself. Because of modern marketing methods and feedback models, marketers can experiment, measure and retool campaigns quickly. According to MarketingProf’s 2013 Content Marketing Trends, today’s B2B marketers average 12 marketing tactics. The most effective tactics include social media (other than blogs), articles, e-newsletters, blogs and case studies. To maximize your entire marketing toolbox, also consider short webcasts, executive breakfasts, e-Books and educational videos.

3. Webinars and other live streaming events should be broadcast. While this may have been the case a few years ago, conversations today should be facilitated. Being able to monitor and intervene if necessary during a webinar will keep customers focused on the current discussion and less likely to hijack a webinar agenda to critique a company or its products.

4. Content needs to reflect your point of view. While its important to take a stance and provide thought leadership in your area of expertise, these types of articles are not the only forms of communicating. The best marketing content engages its audience – consider live polling, contests, surveys or offering giveaways in exchange for input.

5. Content has a shelf life. Not always true… some of the best content can influence prospects for months, if not years. If you have a good response from a report, case study or series, consider making it part of your annual communications program – something your customers expect and want from you.

Do you agree with these bad habits? Have your own “bad habit” to add?


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