Building Your Social Media Identity

social_networkingWell, if your business is not in someway on social media – crawl out from under your rock and get with it… Social Media offers a number of benefits to businesses wanting to engage their customers, build loyalty and grow their bottom line.

And while everyone gives you the advice to get there, they don’t always give you the strategy to make it work. First, there is no golden ticket to 1 million likes. You need to give your audience what they want – valuable content.

If you’re starting from the beginning or don’t know what you should do next, here are 20 great tips from Courtney Seiter at MarketingLand.

1. Fill in the blanks. Make sure anyone that wants to find you can which means filling our your profile as completely as possible. Pay attention to your contact details and the words/phrases your audience is likely to use when searching for your brand.

2. Think Visual. Your cover photo, profile picture, avatar, etc is likely the first thing potential customers are going to see. Make sure all your images are high resolution, properly sized and reflect your brand.

3. Put your site to work. Capitalize on the traffic you already have by adding follow/fan buttons for your social networks to your site’s main page, blog and anywhere else that makes sense.

4. Tell your customers. If you have a physical location your customers visit, make signage that shows off your social media presence. If you have an eNewsletter, add your social contact information to it and promote that you’ve just joined Twitter, Instagram, etc.

5. Add a perk. Its great to be a follower on Facebook but its even better to give these followers incentive – special discounts and coupons offered only on social media will keep people coming back to see your best deals.

6. Enlist help. Encourage employees to follow you online, not only will it help you add followers but they can help spread the word to friends, clients and customers – and give great ideas for new content.

7. Assess the field. Keep an eye on competitors, connect with major news sources for your industry or just follow complementary brands – they might return the favor.

8. Visualize your audience. Think about what your customers look like, read, watch on TV or at the movies. The more defined your intended audience, the easier it will be create the type of content that will help them discover you.

9. Stockpile sharable content. Each share extends your network and introduces you to a larger audience. You will want to create your own content but there’s nothing wrong with sharing whats already out there.

10. Join relevant conversations. No matter what network you’re targeting, chances are there are already conversations going on that your brand can contribute to as a smart, informed source. The more valuable your input is to these conversations the more likely people will find and follow you through other channels.

11. Cross promote. When starting  a new profile, let existing fans know so they can follow you there too. Just be sure that your content is different enough to make it worthwhile for them.

These are just a few to get you started, you can read more great tips in the cited article above.



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