Video Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

digital-video-1164918-mVideo marketing can be expensive to produce, but you don’t have to have a huge budget to make it work for you. This great article from the Open Forum shares four low-cost ways to use video marketing. Here are the tips in brief…

1. Your best asset is in your pocket… meaning your smartphone. Many videos are shot right from an iPhone or iPad and there are numerous apps you can use for a better camera quality.

2. Emphasize a compelling message. As long as you have a relevant, compelling message to share with your audience, the quality of your video is secondary. Some broadcasters and producers (even Ellen DeGeneres) use Skype for interviews. Just keep it consistent with your brand image, otherwise your efforts won’t support your brand and the video will fall flat.

3. Take advantage of low-cost tools for video marketing. As mentioned, there are numerous apps avialable to mke video marketing and editing easier. Suggested programs include VideoScribe ($25/month) for sketch-style videos and (free) for pro-style animation. And while YouTube has a built-in editor you can take advantage of, there are third-party tools for that, too, such as (free) or (free to start).

4. Tap into your customers for content. User generated content has been very successful for Dorito’s and other major brands. Its more organic and genuine than content produced by organizations and many consumers will jump at the chance to play a part in their favorite brand’s marketing. Offering a small incentive or contest helps drive their participation.

Through not every video you produce is going to go viral, the more recognition and views your video gets, the more you’ve offset any production costs from increased brand awareness or direct revenue from resulting leads.


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