Measuring Value of B2B Social Strategies

While social media has proved its value to consumer retail marketers, many of us are still waiting for social to prove its worth for business-to-business industries… or at least consider measuring the right metrics so c-suite understands there is value in it. We know providing valuable content is key to social engagement and success, but how do we really measure it?

hand-over-keyboard-1377963-mMost of us count our community size as evidence of its value. While the number of likes, Twitter followers or LinkedIn group members are helpful to know, they are not solid indicators of social success (or failure). Many people beyond your immediate network see your brand messaging through friends of friends and shared tweets. But social media delivers a more meaningful measurement than mere impressions – engagement!

Engagement is action from your audience, an actual connection between your audience and brand – your content (there’s more on this from a great article on B2B social measurement on Chief Marketer).

According to a recent ThomasNet Industrial Purchasing Barometer, 7 out of 10 small and midsized suppliers are engaging with prospects through social media.

So why is engagement more valuable than impressions? Because each one is triggered by active interest – the customer is coming to you for advice, help, products. Then as each follower shares your content, it’s becomes a powerful referral that represents an existing relationship with the retweeter and a new one with the retweetees (their followers). Each shared post adds more participants to your social community.

For instance, LinkedIn is growing as a powerful community for third party perspectives and advice on industry hot topics, problem-solving and purchasing choices. Hootsuite, Hubspot and other content platforms are also now offering ways to measure beyond impressions to track and aggregate these engagements so you can not only quantify them but map them back to specific content.

Ultimately, social media success comes from content. With the ability to track what content is most valued and shared, you can focus on delivering more of it. And map strategies that demonstrate sales are coming from your social media communications.



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