Advertising Week – Highlights

As you may know, the best and brightest marketing professionals have met this week in New York for the annual Advertising Week conference. has complete coverage of what was discussed, but I am just going to cover a few of the hot topics.

Digital Marketing has been a major focus of this weeks seminars (In fact, Cleveland just held a successful national conference focused solely on Content Marketing). With digital advertising expected to grow 14% in the US this year, making it a $42.26 billion industry! (according to eMarketer) Additionally, real-time bidding for digital display ads is expected to jump 73.9%.


Advertising Week’s Madison Avenue Walk of Fame is planning to induct new names. Ad characters including StarKist Co’s Charlie the Tuna,’s Roaming Gnome and Tucan Sam (Kellogg Co Froot Loops) have been riding double-decker buses through Times Square as they compete for votes to be inducted.


Advertising Week Panel “Balls of Steel?” Top Takeaways –
1.  Don’t be afraid to be naive
2.  Try to keep level
3.  Work with people you respect
4.  Innovative ideas are everywhere. Things you hate, dislike can be inspiration for new services and products.

For more insight, watch this video…


Three Things Top Female Marketers Have Learned…
How has Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller “Lean In” influenced women in marketing?

Measuring is important. Allstate CEO Tom Wilson, expressed the need to expand female employment in the workplace and claims you shouldn’t be “gender neutral” when hiring but rather “gender biased” towards women (40% of leaders at Allstate are women).

Open Dialogue is Key. According to Linda Boff, exec director-global brand marketing at GE noted, “Women speaking to women is wonderful, but engaging men in this dialogue take it a step further.”

Value of Mentorship. Kim Kadlec, worldwide VP global marketing at Johnson & Johnson commented, “The leap from doer to leader is really hard… many women will start off as doers but leadership is a whole new ballgame.” It requires a mentor to provide guidance and context – a whole new perspective.


Finally, What are the Trendspotters at JWT tracking for clients?
Marketers need to stay up on wearable technology and predictive personalization (you know… from all that big data marketers collect). Hear more in this video with Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT.




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