Web Ads Losing Their Influence?

Just like all great advertising that gets pushed into the public’s face… we get tired of it. Bombarded by pop-ups no more, many websites are now battling the thousands of consumers downloaded AdBlock software to keep websites clean. Over 200 million users have downloaded Adblock software since 2001 from Eyeo – and that’s from just one provider.

What does that mean for the online ad industry? Change is coming… website advertising won’t disappear anytime soon but it will make agencies reconsider ways to engage with customers.

According to PageFair, the practice of ad blocking is growing at a rate that suggests almost all sites will appear without ads by 2018, this according to a recent article in The New York Times.

Probably those most fearful of digital advertising changes are those working in the industry. Online advertising will have a less distinct role in overall marketing, meaning less profit and fewer workers in the digital communications market.

“We are all increasingly tracked, online and offline, and our friendships and tastes are noted in order to send us the ads that algorithms suggest we will act upon. If we do seem interested in something expensive, like a car or a trip, we may be tracked and fed information for a period of days or months. That means a single ad is relatively less important.” (The New York Times)

This change may lead advertising down a new path, one in which the relative value of studying and understanding consumer behavior is greater than the ad message.

Marc Benioff, a founder and the chief executive of Salesforce in the NYT article said, “They (companies) will connect with their customers from all sorts of places: Canon from inside an Internet-connected camera; Toyota from inside a connected car.”

If companies to merge media devices with connecting to customers, much of what used to ad messaging will stem from there. At that point, not just agencies but Web pages that depend on ad revenue, will have a struggle of their own.


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