Employers Losing Value of College Degree

graduation-2-1326285-mAn interesting article on the Open Forum addressed whether a college degree still holds value among employers. A four-year bachelors degree can be quite costly and the expectation is that with a degree, you are more valuable to employers… or not as this article suggested.

The article cites a new survey by Manta which reveals that more than 60 percent of small-business owners find no correlation between employee performance and education levels. However, about half of small-business owners require their employees to have a college degree.

While a college education is a great tool to prepare many individuals for the workforce, is it necessary for most business positions? Does on the job experience trump a few years of learning about a career?

“Manta found there was one group among which a college education was valued, and that was the business owners themselves. The survey found that 70 percent of those polled had a bachelor’s degree, and more than 60 percent thought their college degree was important to their business success.”

SO, it begs the question… how valuable is a college degree? Certainly if you want to be a doctor or engineer you will need one to be successful in your career, but for the rest of us, does it really matter?

In an economy when things are changing so quickly that workers consistently need to be trained and retrained with new skills, is experience more valuable?

Although there is not yet any significant change int he number of students attending and graduating college, the next generation may find trade schools more valuable for landing their first real job.

Do you feel your college degree is losing value among employers?




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One response to “Employers Losing Value of College Degree”

  1. hhh4u says :

    I do feel it has lost its value to experience and “knowing people.” It’s sad, and yet college graduates are still manipulated into believing the opposite. I talk a lot about this in a post called “Education vs Experience.”

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