4 New Ways to Use QR Codes

While some industry professionals are considering QR Codes a fad that has passed, I still find value in those fuzzy black and white squares. I’m talking about the real value they can have when they are used right and not someplace irrelevant like the back of a bus or a billboard that you read in 8 seconds.

To prove it, the number of mobile users scanning QR codes has actually grown 15 percent year over year according to comScore (and this article on OpenForum).

Consider these businesses taking QR codes out of the box in their marketing strategies.

QR code as lunch… Harney Sushi restaurant in San Diego scans an edible QR codes onto their rice paper and water-based ink QR code on their sushi. Customers can learn “where their fish has come from, who caught it and whether the species is under threat from the fishing industry,” a growing concern among sustainable sushi eaters. The QR code lets restaurant patrons learn about what they’re eating in a fun and unique way.

QR code as HR tool… a tattoo parlor published a newspaper ad of a light QR code embedded on a swath of skin according to FastCo Create. Tattoo artists interested in working for the salon were asked to fill in the QR code “carefully and show off their skills.” When the code was filled you could scan it to get the shops application.

QR codes as memorial… Interestingly, a number of companies are adding QR codes to tombstones and grave sites, which when scanned, sends the grieving to memorial websites filled with personal stories, photos, music and video. I’m not sure I would want to be immortalized forever on the web…

QR codes for your pet… Wonder if your dog walker is keeping your furry friend happy? Tools like Pet Check Technology allow dog walkers and GPS to track and log walks that can be emailed to the owner for record keeping. They can scan the QR code tag every time they pick up  your dog and you’ll be alerted they’re on the job.

QR codes don’t always have to be used in the traditional sense. What other ways to you think technology will merge with our culture and lifestyle?


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A marketing communications professional helping other marketing professionals, business leaders and marketing students gain a better understanding of trends in advertising and public relations as well as tips for being a successful marketer.

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