Strategies to Increase Email Opt-ins

hand-over-keyboard-1377963-mWhile the Internet marketers continue to develop new ways to engage your audience, we’re going to focus on a tried and true method… email marketing.

Yes your customers receive dozens of marketing emails daily, but top research shows that 77% of consumers still prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email (Source: ExactTarget).

The first strategy for enhancing your email marketing efforts should be to consider Pop-ups and Overlays (area round the pop-up box becomes darkened to provide more contrast and focus on your message). Although some consider these methods obtrusive, they are very effective ways to get more subscribers and leads. eConsultancy reports that an average overlay will increase opt-ins by up to 400%.

When creating your pop-up, consider its DESIGN (branding), HEADLINE (attention getting/problem solver? benefit?), TIMING (appear at different times from when someone has landed on your site) and SIZE (attention getting but not a big “empty” space). These are important factors that can have a huge influence on your results.

Another method to increase email opt-ins would be to simply add the “Enter Your Email Here” within the pop-up field. It’s direct and effective without the end user having to do anything additional but to sign up, right there and then.

Also consider removing other distractions within the message field. One test generated a 28% increase in signups by removing the following line of text that read, “Not Ready to take that step?  Okay, Why not just Subscribe to the RSS Feed?” below the email opt-in.

A growing option with marketers is to add a colored bar that sits at the top of your website and asks visitors to take a specified action… ie, Offer to try product or service, Free whitepaper, etc. There are several web services available that can help you determine the right size and color to get your customers attention.

Also, review your landing page – where most opt-in forms are found. Every landing page should have some key elements including a headline, benefits (get user excited and interested), call to action/offer, opt-in form (where they actually sign up) and social proof (show your credibility – consider testimonials, video and reviews, social mentioned and sites you’ve been featured on).

Finally, should your opt-in be single or double? A double opt-in means after someone signs up, they receive a confirmation email and have to click on the confirmation to be added to your list. While it remains a controversial choice for any business, the best method would be to test it for yourself.

Then, once you’ve tested this method, try another one and another. There is no sure way to succeed with email marketing other than to continue to send and review your messages then make adjustments for the next series of messages.

Consumer behaviors are ever changing and so should your online marketing methods.


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