The 2013 Weinermobile Run

Finally some summer weather and I can’t help but think of sunscreen, ice cream and Wienermobiles… well hotdogs really but in this case its Oscar Mayer.

The great Wienermobile Run of 2013 encourages consumers to follow the promotion on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagam) and watch for each “Hotdoggers” team progress… the team names are nearly as ridiculous. The Autobuhn, DriftDog and SpeedyWiener, Borntobun, Bunderstruck, and Hellonbuns teams are racing around the lower 48 states accumulating points as the drivers perform tasks and challenges submitted by the public through the company website:

The longstanding tradition of engaging customers with the Wienermobile is expanding its efforts to use social media to further engage with its customers. The teams blogs are fun and filled with video, photos and travels of each team meeting real fans. If you visit the site and join a team you also get a bumper sticker and a chance for a free Tshirt if your team wins the race.

Then participate for your team to help win challenges like this one…Everyone is crazy about bacon! Take photos of people using fully cooked, real bacon as a mustache. The team with the most photos by Monday, July 22 earns the 50 points.

What could be better than hotdogs and bacon?

The Wienermobile Run is not the only example of how social media are transforming event marketing (experiential marketing). More advertisers like Silverado, A.1 and Cabela’s are joining the road trip experience and engaging with customers in new ways.

In an article on the New York Times:
The A.1. campaign is being created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, part of MDC Partners. “It’s letting A.1. lovers know we love them back,” said Bob Winter, executive creative director at the Crispin Porter office in Miami, by “not just talking about the spirit of ‘A.1. for life,’ but by demonstrating it in the real world, creating experiences to help people see what it’s like to live A.1.”

I wrote recently about reaching Millenials through engaging marketing efforts… I can only see this type of trend growing.


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