Tips for Managing Creative People

I have to share this article from co.Create on Managing Creative People… some good advice in here from the best professionals in the business at Crispin Porter +Bogusky/ CPB. Regardless of what you believe, there is an art to getting the most out of your teams of creative professionals.

The perfect idea comes from the right combination of inspiration, hard work, experience, intuition and confidence, so getting the best work out of creative people on a consistent and efficient basis can be challenging.

Here are a few of their ideas for motivating and maximizing your talent.

SET THE BAR. Every agency works differently, so different skill sets or different temperaments work better at different places.

IDENTIFY AND LEVERAGE TRAITS OF INDIVIDUALS. Have an up to date understanding of each persons talent. What are the skills and traits people need for certain roles? If you have an objective assessment of everyone, you can work to optimize those strengths by assembling the right skills and talents for projects.

CATER TO STRENGTHS. Knowing the ways in which people produce great work is as important as knowing what specific skill they can add to the team.

KEEP YOUR HANDS DIRTY. When mentoring and managing the agency talent, get involved with the actual work. Lead by example.

SUGGEST- BUT DON’T NECESSARILY IMPOSE- A PROCESS. Creative people are often as protective of their process as they are of their ideas.

CREATE HEALTHY CONFUSION. While structure has its benefits, so does a bit of chaos. Its important to work on multiple projects… not to overwhelm you but to give you time to focus on something else while your brain processes and works on the concept over time.

ENCOURAGE SWITCHING OFF TO SWITCH ON. Being prepared ahead of time is the biggest key… keep calendars of when meeting and deadlines are scheduled, employee vacations, etc. to keep everyone on board and on task.

KEEP THEM PRODUCING. Try to ensure people are continually putting new work out into the world. It sounds simple, but it’s about keeping in mind how to keep people in positions to get things done.

MAKE RETENTION A CONSCIOUS CHOICE. Part of the job is to foster an environment that people don’t want to leave.

KNOW WHEN TO- AND BE ABLE TO- SPEAK THE TRUTH. “Sometimes saying the hardest thing is the best mentorship you can give, as opposed to letting someone stay in a rut.” Consider encouragement, organization, keen pairing, and  offering really tough advice.


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