Twist on New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Voting Contest

The newest flavor to be created from the freezers within Ben & Jerry’s shops will be created from user-generated content… kind of.

The innovative “Scoop Truck” tour, which launched a bus on each coast will stop at 11 U.S. cities and use a mix of digital votes from fans and offline initiatives to vote flavors into stores and onto the grocery shelf. While other brands like Lay’s have used digital voting, this tour uses elements in each city as unique flavor votes.

For instance, while the truck visits the nation’s capital, every Red line subway train that arrives on time at the Metro Center station will count as a vote for the Oregon Cherries flavor. Orange line trains that come in at the station on time are votes for the Fairtrade Bananas flavor.

Then in New York City the truck will count hybrid-powered cabs that are driving via Gotham’s Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Uptown-bound hybrid cabs are votes for Peppermint and Fairtrade Vanilla gets a tall for similar cabs headed downtown. These tactics tap into the iconic brand’s eco-friendly ethos.

In another wacky twist, the number of truck employees with mustaches spotted walking into Cartopia in Portland, OR will count as votes for Marshmallows. Bearded faces are counted as a vote for Graham Crackers. One consumers are done tasting from the truck, they can throw their spoon into a variety of recycling boxes label with new ingredients. Every spoon in each receptacle is another vote for that flavor.

Social media fans can also vote for their favorite flavors while keeping track of the flavor counts and truck tour on the City Churned microsite.

The multi-market, simultaneous scoop tour on the East and West Coasts is coordinated by the digital shop, 360i and will continue through summer.

So the only question is, which flavor gets your vote?

Resource: AdWeek


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