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1347746_12624644Content planning and distribution go hand-in-hand when it comes to optimizing the value of the content you create for your digital audience. Content marketing is less about selling your product and more about providing meaningful, thoughtful and relevant information to your audience.

Instead of selling your product, you should offer meaningful suggestions and advice that consumers can use regardless of whether they buy your product. Once you have created your article or content outline, break it down into smaller messages and forms more appropriate for social media channels. A large part of your message success will come from sharing it through the most effective channels to gain wide-spread distribution and visibility.

In the article 11 Ways to Turn One Piece of Long-form Content Marketing into Dozens More, on Chief Marketer, the author gives some great ideas for extending the shelf life of your key marketing pieces.

The basic strategy is to use one piece of marketing content and map out a plan for distribution across the most effective channels to reach your audience. Here are the suggestions for making the most of a company branded e-book:

1. Post the e-book on the company’s website (with search-optimized keywords)

2. Convert the e-book content to a webinar that consumers can register to attend

3. Record the webinar and offer it as complimentary content on the website

4. Post links to the e-book and webinar on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other relevant social channels

5. Create a presentation-style version of the webinar for easy posting on sites, like SlideShare

6. Turn each of the 10 tips into its own blog post and publish on that content on the website, LinkedIn, and Google+ using relevant search keywords

7. Include infographics, images (i.e. for recipes) and video content so the content is shareable on rich media channels, like Pinterest and YouTube

8. Publish links to each blog post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels

9. Host a Twitter chat for each blog post topic using relevant hashtags to engage consumers in a live discussion

10. Include trackable links and hashtags in all content so reach and exposure can be measured

11. Identify social influencers who already reach that audience and partner with them to further amplify the distribution of content

Using these tactics will extend the reach of your content as well as build stronger trust and loyalty among consumers by positioning your company as a resource and authority in the market.

What are some of the ways you have shared content to maximize its distribution?


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