Improve your social media metrics

Word of MouthThe Social Marketing Forum published this great white paper from Vocus on 10 key blogging, content and social media metrics and how to improve them. Read it here.

I recommend you read the full article and white paper if you have the chance, but I’ll share a few of the tips here.

Social Media Referrals
Visitors who link to your site through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter indicate your reach and influence…. they also indicate if your content marketing strategy is working. Referrals are important but you should also consider what visitors do when they visit your site/blog/landing page.

  • Adapt the content you want your audiences to find according to the networks you use
  • Focus more on share-worthy content
  • Engage influencers and connect with peers
  • Be relevant and consistent


Search Engine Ranking
Where you rank in search engines is increasingly defined by social media engagement and the relevance of your site content.

  • Test content formats
  • Focus on good incoming links
  • Mind your keywords


Email List Size
Email is a proven and effective form for communicating with your customer and converting social contacts. Its success is  dependent upon a large and actively engaged subscriber list.

  • Create great content
  • Target and segment
  • Provide choice
  • Offer more in your newsletter


Other metrics to consider:

  • Mentions – How often your site is mentioned in news articles or blog posts lets search engines know that you are credible, as well as builds exposure to potential customers.
  • Email opens – Email open rates are a great predictor of how many customers are receiving your message.


What metrics have you found to be most effective for keeping your brand message fresh and relevant?


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