What does your brand color say about you?

1421245_colors_1Have you ever asked why Facebook is blue? or State Farm is red?

In creating your brand identity – most often recognized by your logo – color may make the difference in how your customers perceive your brand.

Since sight in the strongest developed sense in most human beings, it’s only natural that 90% of an assessment for trying out a  product is made by color alone, according to a recent article by Fast Company.

For instance, color often influences the way we think. Here are a few examples provided by the Logo Company:

Qualities – definite, credible, strength, powerful, precise, professional, direct, accuracy
Best for – construction, corporate, oil, finance, fashion, manufacturing, cosmetics, mining, marketing, tradesmen.

Qualities – natural, organic, youth, nurturing, instructional, education, adventurous, ecological, calming, nature
Best for – medicine, science, government, recruitment, ecological-business, tourism, human resource

Qualities – credibility, calming, clean, focused, medical, professional, judicial, power
Best for – medical, scientific, utilities, government, health care, high-tech, recruitment, tradesmen, legal, information technology, dental, corporate

The article also has a super fun emotional color chart.


But what does this really mean for your brand or marketing?
Well, your brand or print ad/digital ad/direct mail headline color will help you target men (blue, green, black) or women (blue, purple, green).

RED conveys passion, excitement and warning… its also proved to outperform Green by 21% in a random test to click on a “Get Started Now” web button when nothing else was changed at all except the color.

Most often though, logo color is chosen because it fit with the individuals perception of their business. While not backed by science, we cannot deny color has some influence on getting our attention.

What influence do you think color really has on marketing?


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