Tips to better communicate your brand story

As marketer’s we all know the importance of telling your brand’s story effectively  through powerful words and images that capture your brand message and engage your customers.

But when you consider the top consumer brands – Apple, McDonalds, Progressive – they consistently connect with customers and engage them to take action. So, how can you communicate your brand story more effectively like these big brands? Here are a few ways from PRNews to get you started…

1. Understand what makes messages effective.
Focus on keeping your message easy to read, memorable and persuasive.  If you use this strategy and focus on one key benefit, your message will resonate with customers.

2. Understand what makes messengers effective.
The purpose of a messenger is to communicate key organizational messages in such a way that listeners will hear them, understand them and repeat them. To be effective, focus on messages that drive action.

3. Practice and repeat.
Keeping your messages fresh and top of mind is important to ensuring that those messages become used organization-wide and not just by key spokespersons.

4. Focus on your benefits, not your feature.
Lead with benefits rather than with the feature… customers what to know WHY your product/service matters to them. Getting to the true benefits of your organization can be challenging.  To find your benefit, ask: What critical service/need do I fulfill? Why do you do what you do? But why? But why? etc… each time you answer you move closer to the heart of your brand message.

5. Stick to the foundation you built.
Once you establish the vital aspects of why you do what you do – and you’ve found a way to deliver them effectively and with resonance – then stick to it.

6. Nail the takeoff and the landing.
Engaging your audience early on is critical… that’s the takeoff. The landing is about re-engaging them. Be able to recognize when it’s time to wrap things up. Close with remarks that are tightly worded and memorable.

7. Being on message doesn’t mean being robotic.
While its important to communicate your key brand messages, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Use staff meetings, public appearances, interviews and presentations as opportunities to share your message consistently, knowing the more you repeat your key messages, the more your audience will remember them.




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