Does Your Grandma Text?

So I came across this interesting article about “Texting with Grandma” on Chief Marketer and I had to share it.

Many of us don’t associate seniors (those wise adults 55 and older) as technically adapt or consider them sending Tweets, Facebooking or let alone texting their friends, but results from a recent study on eMarketer were very insightful to just how savvy the golden generation really is.

  • A majority of Americans 65+ are now on the Internet or email. Of those on the Internet, 85% have mobile phones compared to 95% of Millennials who have mobile phones.
  • Only about 28% of adults 57-67- year olds actually own a smartphone.
  • While teens fill their time with entertainment, seniors are still more likely to watch TV. Some 63% of those 55+ identify television as their entertainment while mobile phones only gather about 2%.
  • A recent ePrize study revealed that most SMS sweepstakes and instant-win promotions were played by those under 45 years old.
  • Seniors are interested in using their mobile devices for practical information such as prescription alerts, severe weather alerts or appointment reminders.

In general, mobile can be a powerful resource when engaging Baby Boomers. Seniors aren’t concerned about adopting the latest tech craze just to be hip; what’s more important to them is using the technology they’ve already adopted to make their lives easier and stay connected to the people and brands they care about most.


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2 responses to “Does Your Grandma Text?”

  1. babyboomersmusings says :

    I enjoyed your post, and it is funny because I just read a post by another member of the younger generation. She said we babyboomers are commenting and sharing uninteresting random information on facebook because we have so much time on our hands. I guess we could be watching more movies or listening to more music. Our generation is just starting to reach retirement years, and I think a lot of us are using the internet as you said for practical information, and we like to share it. Also, a lot of us are using it to start an online business that will sustain us in our later years. We will be redefining what life will be over 65, (I am not quite there yet) .

    • promotionalguru says :

      Thank you, I always appreciate when others enjoy my posts.
      I absolutely agree that Boomers will redefine retirement! From when they retire to what they do with their new free time, I think they are already beginning to change our definition of being a “senior.” As the youngest generations are already turning away from Facebook and Twitter, still popular among Millennials, I think the Boomer generation will find their own niche on social media.

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