Is Digital Marketing Essential?

1038728_lady stock exchange imageYES – in the realm of marketing communications, digital marketing is essential for as part of a successful marketing strategy. However, you do not have to participate in every facet of digital marketing to reach your audience and share your message.

Here are some reasons why you should have an online marketing presence…

It’s empowering. There is no better platform for brands to communicate with their audience. When brands listen to what their customers are saying about them, companies can make better quality products and provide greater service to their customers.

It’s to the point. some of the same platforms that have given people a voice have also helped companies learn more information about them. Brands can direct messages to specific audiences and tailor communications to meet their customers needs. Brands can communicate with people in a more efficient and valuable way.

It’s friendly. Digital platforms give companies an identity and personality. They are able to make themselves closer to their customers who are in fact now their “friends.”
According to Chief Marketer writer Tekin Tatar*, “Digital marketing adds significantly to the overall conversation and the language is typically more casual which adds a human element to marketing in the best way possible.

It’s social. Digital marketing can create a ripple effect on customers when you connect with those who have the most influence on your audience.  Companies can directly talk to customers and connect with them.

It happens in real time. Companies can get their products and services in front of billions of people in just a few clicks of the mouse. They can develop, adjust and refine these messages instantly based on feedback from customers and analytics tools. These innovations allow brands to respond immediately to crisis and make their messages extremely efficient and relevant.

Digital communications benefit both customers and brands, and make the messages more direct and enjoyable. By embracing digital media into your marketing strategy, you can interact with existing customers and reach more people in a way that’s personable to increase brand loyalty.

An online conversation is happening – get talking!

*Reference from Chief Marketer.


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