The Art of the Client PITCH

interview6Getting new clients is a challenge in any business so why should the advertising business by any different?

There are a number of factors to consider when chasing that new fish around town… or if that fish jumps in your net, be cautious, you may not be the only agency they’re talking to.

This Ad Age article by Ruth Berstein, highlighted key things to consider when beginning the dreaded PITCH…

Dont be afraid to dig deeper and ask serious questions. Who else is being asked to pitch? What does the client find relevant about each agency’s work? Why did they choose you? These answers will give surprising insights about the potential client and most importantly, it will  help weed out the prospects not worth your time.

How is the client team defined and where do you fit into the picture? If business strategy is questionable, the client may have internal conflicts which you would rather steer clear of.

A good level of comfort on both agency and client sides is key. Without the ability to communicate openly, there’s bound to be misunderstanding and unhappiness.


Making a new client pitch can be a daunting task, but with the right approach and solid marketing strategy you can make most any client yours.


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