KUDOS – 72andSunny is Ad Age’s Agency of the year

Congrats to the bold move’s from 72andSunny this past year that helped get it recognized as the Ad Age Agency of the Year.

The agency grew several of its accounts including moving from a project agency to agency of record for Activision and Carl’s Jr/Hardees.

In the article, CEO John Boiler said:
“There comes a point with agencies where [marketers] recognize what it is you do best and want to work with you for that reason. For us, that’s people who need to make a bold move in the marketplace — like take on the biggest mobile phone company in the world, or be the smallest burger chain with the highest results.”

Most notably, the agency is credited with unveiling a bold campaign for Samsung which lead to a significant increase in market share from Apple’s iPhone 5 release. With “The Next Thing is Already Here” campaign, 72andSunny used Samsung to stand out, rather than being one of Apple’s sheep.

KUDOS! I can’t wait to see the exciting things to come this year.


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