Coca-Cola and WWF in fight to save the Polar Bear

Polar Bears are huge part of the Coca-Cola company’s brand and have been the highlight of many of its ad campaigns. After taking aggressive public steps to “fight” global warming this past year and failing by the result of public backlash, the company continues the fight to save its icon by working with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). In fact, the two groups have been working together since 2007 on issues from water efficiency to greenhouse-gas reduction.

In a recent announcement, Coke will donate over $4 million to the  WWF Arctic Home project over the next three years to help keep the Arctic ice intact and protected from melting. Further, 300 million Coke products will feature the image of a mother polar bear and her two cubs, according to a release from the nonprofit Responding to Climate Change.

WWF is focused on preserving a 500,000 square mile expanse of land known as the “The Last Ice Area.” The hope is that the efforts will conserve the habitat for ice-dependent species, protect the cultural heritage of local people, and improve livelihoods, TriplePundit reports as cited by BrandChannel.


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