2013 Superbowl Ad Spots Sell Out

According to The New York Times, CBS will be airring the 2013 Superbowl on February 3rd and already the top marketers have bought their spots hoping to make a huge impact on viewers.

Slightly up from last year, 30-second spots sold at $3.7 million, and a few were sold at $4 million per 30 seconds. Usually there are 60 to 70 half-minute ad slots during each game, plus promotional spots for the network carrying the game… that’s quite a bit of dough.

So is it worth the millions of dollars to reach such a large and diverse audience? It does if you’re Pepsi, Doritos, Ford or a number of other major consumer businesses.
FACT: The average viewership for the game last year set a record, at 111.3 million people.

Just a few weeks to go… Can’t wait to see the new creative minds at work.


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