2013 – an Amazon.com takeover?

1372604_paper_map_2In a December Ad Week article, some analysts are predicting that the Amazon.com Empire has been planning a media takeover to place itself ahead of its competition and the e-commerce marketplace…

Over the past year, Amazon.com has been aggressive in building a proprietary real-time bidding platform that plugs into exchanges and supply-side platforms, including Google’s AdX and PubMatic making its ability to push products and services to customers based on their web browsing history an advertiser’s dream… There is even talk of them taking it a step further to allow media buyers real-time bidding on platforms to maximize every dollar spent.

Amazon already offers advertising on multiple online platforms as well as its Kindle devices. Its Amazon Advertising Platform is also independent from third parties having recently added its own bidding technology last year. It is even seeking to expand its Amazon Web Services which already powers back-end technology for Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram…

All in all, Amazon is well positioned to become the content-and-advertising-distribution platform of choice, taking a greater cut of the pie and leaving its competitors wondering, why didn’t I think of that.


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