Tips to Communicate Better with Journalists in 2013

106233_interviewEvery day journalists are bombarded by PR professionals sending them the “best” story they’ve ever heard and why their client deserves to be written about… but not everyone gets the reporter’s call back.

PR News had an interesting article about better serving journalists – which is one of our jobs as a PR professional communicator. In  5 Tips for Better Serving Journalists, we are encouraged to better serve reporters (and build the relationships that will get our client in print).

As many lists go these days, some pretty simple ideas:
1. Provide Imagery and Video.
2. Know which other content forms media crave.
3. Post in your Press Center what media would want – i.e. make multimedia accessible and usable by reporters
4. Don’t botch their name in pitches – know who you’re contacting and show them you know them.
5. The best way to get a journalists trust is to serve their needs.

Hope you find these methods useful!


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