Halloween is more than candies and costumes

Have you ever thought about Halloween as one of the most marketable holidays… Every year people buy new costumes, tons of candy, decorations and food and drink for Halloween parties (both kids and adults), and let’s not forget dressing up our furry friends – a whopping $370 Million industry all by itself!

All of this excitement and months of marketing (starting in July, haha) for one spooky night of fun. But now, let’s take a closer look.

According to the New York Times, “Candy Brandy Step Up Marketing for Halloween,” there’s an increase in Halloween party participation this year up to 36% compared to 25% in 2005, National Retail Federation. Another sign of a recovering economy or just the success and power of marketing?

Chocolate marketers are taking a bite into retail by promoting certain candy brands and giving new options to consumers. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, marketing options are spread out to reach consumers at every touch point and last beyond October 31st.

For instance, some brand are branching out beyond the traditional orange and black of the season for an overall fall festival approach. Hershey’s is highlighting fall colors and graphics. While other brands like Oreo (orange creams) and Reeses’ stick with tradition for their loyal customers.

And don’t we all love the candy TV commercials. Reese’s classics and some new ones like Snickers – carrying its overall brand strategy of “you’re not you when you’re hungry” theme, the latest commercial from BBDO New York puts a new twist on the “horseless headsman.” (Check it out)

One of my favorites things from Halloween is the leftover candy – i.e. sale candy, and the recipes that pop up every year from brands and consumers.

So with all these spooky displays and special products (thank you General Mills for your Franken Berries and Boo Berries cereals), I say stock up on your favorite goodies and get ready for this years trick-or-treats surprises!


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