Best Global Brand – CocaCola

That’s right… (and no surprise to me)  CocaCola is the #1 GLOBAL Brand according to The New York Times article “Best Global Brands Report.”  Coke has now held this title for the past three consecutive years.

The article reviews the 13th annual Best Global Brands report from Interbrand, a brand consulting company owned by the Omnicom Group. The report ranks what it deems the 100 most valuable brands on criteria that include financial performance, the role the brand plays in influencing the choices made by consumers and the brand’s ability to help its parent’s earnings. The 2012 study is released as top industry executives currently dwell in the newest marketing ideas from Advertising Week 2012.

So which other brands topped the list… #2 Apple, #3 IBM, #4 Google. Other notable mentions include McDonalds #7,  Disney #13 and Amazon #20. Interestingly Apple moved to the #2 spot from #8 last year (quite a jump?!) and Disney fell from a consistent #9 to #13 – change in marketing message?

Personally, I’m a Pepsi fan based on product taste but I’ve always loved the competition in advertising between Pepsi and Coke… the battle will go on.
Do you agree with the study results? Who do you feel deserves to be the #1 global brand?



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