NFL ads bring it on- Prepare for Superbowl 2013

With the NFL 2012-13 season just starting, I began to wonder who will be featuring their new products and brand messaging in February… only 5 months remaining until the Superbowl and so many questions in the air. What teams will make it? And most important, will Doritos, Pepsi, Coke and the Bud Clyesdales be there?

This past Sunday I noticed an array of new car ads touting the next year’s models (and pinching myself to think of 2013 already?!) and began wondering about the big game… well USA Today must have had the same thought as only a few days ago announced that 90% of ad slots are already full! So here’s your two-minute warning to anyone with the $3.7Million left in their marketing budget.

So who can we expect to see this year? The article confirms that Pepsi, Coke (but not its polar bears) and Frito Lay have plans to entertain as well as some key car makers including Kia (though not GM who previously announced it is moving forward with other initiatives this year). Will there be a VW Beatle ad? I just love the new ones with the hands-slap song – very catchy.

Pepsi will also sponsor the half-time show… who do you think it will be? Someone classic or a new/rising pop star?

Still months away, I can’t wait to see what great creative minds will come up with this year to WOW us viewers between the whistles of the big game.



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