7 Ways College Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn

Now more than ever, college students are needing to gain the attention of companies for employment. Every recent graduate knows how important LinkedIn is when looking to start a career, but what specific ways can the professional networking site benefit students? Well, The Undercover Recruiter has revealed the seven ways that college students can benefit from LinkedIn.

• Getting Job Email Alerts

This is beneficial to students because they know exactly what is available. Receiving the alerts saves students time by not applying for jobs that are not available, although it is never a bad idea to apply for “future openings.” The recommended positions can be viewed on the homepage, by students and employers, as soon as they log into their account.

• Connecting with Professionals

This is an easy way to enhance your job opportunities. You can find your friends, co-workers, colleagues, classmates and family members on LinkedIn. Connecting with industry professionals allows students to learn more about a company or an industry from someone with real-life experience.

• Conducting Company Research

By visiting company, pages, you can conduct a research on the whereabouts of the company, the hiring process and what people have to say about that organization. This kind of company research on LinkedIn can always keep a stay ahead of your competition and increases your employability.

• Getting Recommendations

Getting great recommendations is a way to improve employment opportunities, especially if the recommendations are from professors or other professionals.

• Letting Companies Find You

If you have created a good and detailed professional profile, chances are you will attract employer’s attention. Is there a better feeling than companies asking to interview you instead of you applying?

• Connecting with Other Students

Connecting with former classmates allows you to see what type of personalities are being hired. It also can open doors for communication for interview tips with one another.

• Landing International Jobs

Oh, so the internet is global? Yes! That means you can connect with all the major international employers and find jobs in foreign countries.

LinkedIn is a different animal than MySpace and Facebook. Keep the material professional and updated (drunk photos from your last employer’s Christmas party are not professional). LinkedIn can be your best tool if used wisely, or an absolute disaster if used like the other social media sites.

Do you have any other advice for using LinkedIn? Also, has LinkedIn helped you get interviews or a job?


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