6 Tips That Will Captivate Your Facebook Audience

Today, it is expected of companies to have a social media presence.  Consumers look to Facebook pages as much as they do websites to ask questions, give feedback (both positive and negative) and to receive offers.

When consumers are engaged, it helps to spread the company’s message among the fan’s social network. An Awareness social engagement study from 2012 found that fans and followers of a brand or company were more likely to recommend that brand or company (60% of Facebook fans and 79% of Twitter followers).

But the interaction between friends on Facebook is much different than that of companies and its customers.  So what are the best ways to connect with fans on Facebook?

A post from Mashable shared with us 6 posts that are most likely to build engagement:


  1. Photos
  2. Fill in the Blanks
  3. Photo Captions
  4. Questions
  5. Tips


Photos are one of the simplest ways to catch someone’s attention, especially on Facebook.

Choose a photo that represents your brand or that captures your brand essence. When users are checking their homepage, it is likely that they will stop and share a captivating photo among their social networks.

Fill in the blank: One of the best ways to spark user engagement is by ________.  Answer: encouraging users to showcase their creativity. This type of post (as you can see below) can increase the number of comments and shares among users.

Photo captions are, again, creative ways to encourage users to share their creativity. Not only are companies sharing captivating photos, but they are encouraging users to share their creativity—bringing in the best of both worlds.

Asking users a question encourages him or her to respond and not just read what you have posted and move on. Depending on the topic, users may respond to each others’ post in the form of a debate, something that tends to always spark attention.

Offering tips to users brings value to your posts, making it more likely your followers will respond or share.

Last, but certainly not least, comes quotes. Facebook users love quotes and are very likely to share those that are inspirational, personal, and interesting.


So, fill in the blank:   If I had to add something to this list, it would be ________.


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