How do you describe your agency?

How do you say what you really want to say when you don’t want to use many words but want each one to be really meaningful?

Not like that.

In an advertising and/or public relations firm, you know that you must choose your words carefully. Words hold great weight in this business and you are expected to be the expert.


So what few words do you use to describe your agency? What do others hear or see about who you are?

The words you use to describe your agency matter. Here at McKinney-Cerne we use words like “one agency,” “proactive,” “branding experts,” “strategic counsel,” “achieving measureable results,” and more on our website and in our promotional materials.

Take a look at the words a couple other agencies use:

  • Fleishman-Hillard uses words like “digital,” “integrated,” “seamless network” and “real-world results.”
  • On Dentsu’s website, you’ll find words like “innovation” and “active.”
  • Leo Burnett claims to have the purpose “to be the world’s best creator of ideas that truly move people…bar none.” (Plus, it’s all in CAPS).

Do these words really capture all that these agencies have to offer, or could they have chosen better?

Do you spend more time trying to come up with descriptive words and catchy taglines for your clients that you forget about your own agency and your personal branding?

Idea updated and expanded upon from Michael Gass’ blog post in 2009 on Words


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