Apple Does “It” Again

How many commercials can be made featuring people speaking to their personal iPhone assistant Siri? More than most would think since Apple is still making them! Apple has rarely used celebrities in product advertising, but the innovative company has been willing to change over time.

During the winter-holiday season, we all watch Siri help Santa complete his annual voyage around the Earth in time for Christmas morning (and yes, Santa is a celebrity for the sake of this conversation). Roughly two months ago Apple released more commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel . Adweek stated that the ads “are classic Apple—as clean, simple and classy as ever. But while previous Siri spots were somewhat chopped up, showing various people interacting with Siri, the new ones—by sticking with one person—perhaps give a better idea of how one individual could best make use of the personal assistant over the course of a day.”

Well Apple is doing it again; the celebrity-focued ads have not stopped. This time around, two commercials feature American actor John Malkovich. The ads have gained positive feedback, and Adweek says, “Malkovich and Siri actually make a pretty hilarious team. They’re both equally quirky, and with their matching stilted speech, you get the sense that they really do understand each other.”

What’s your take on the newest advertising campaign for Apple’s iPhone 4S? Do you like Apple’s new approach to advertising the iPhone 4S, or are the Siri demonstrations becoming too repetitive no matter who is in the ads?


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