You Think Social Media Is The Best Way To Advertise?

In this age of social media, especially since Facebook went public, mixing advertising, marketing, and public relations seems to be the new trend. Companies are flocking to social media sites to try to find ways to communicate their messages to mass numbers of people.

An article published on actually proves that Facebook is not a great use of the advertising budget. Statistics show that 83% of people “hardly ever/ never” click on the Facebook ads. That leaves a very dismal 17% of people who click on the ads “often/sometimes.”

Social Fresh, a social media education company, states that according to a March 2012 poll “61% of US Facebook advertisers used ads for awareness purposes. Yet a hefty 44% expected them to generate conversions.”

Generating awareness may be possible without clicking on the ads depending on what type of awareness the advertiser wants. If they advertiser wants to generate awareness for a brand name and logo, the ad may not necessarily have to be clicked on to do so. Getting the audience to engage themselves enough to generate conversation may be extremely difficult without clicking on the ad, if the ad’s purpose is to drive home a key message for products, services, events, etc.

People enter the social media realm for a number of reasons, but not to be bombarded with advertisements. The study also mentions company profile pages, but that too is not guaranteed to be effective. People click through pages to fast to be influenced by one company’s pages.

As a young advertising professional, you would think that I’d want to spend a large portion of our client’s budget on social media such as Facebook. I’m not completely sold due to the fact that the cost per click and impressions (on social media sites) are not providing a good enough ROI. Advertising is constantly evolving, and maybe I will think differently about social media advertising in the future, but right now I’ll stick to the more traditional methods of advertising that have proven ROI track records.


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