Going Digital: How Newspapers are Being Affected

Ever get annoyed while reading newspapers due to ink smudges left on your fingers, the noise when trying to fold the pages just right or the difficult task of putting the newspaper back the same way you received it?

You’re in luck!  Now a days, more and more people are not spending their quarters buying daily newspapers outside grocery stores or at news stands.  Instead, they are purchasing a subscription to the various types of newspapers directly from their laptops, iPads, smartphones or Tablets.

With the growing technology, it pushes brands, companies and agencies to use another medium to reach its targeted audiences.  What challenges that can arise for those advertisers are the tiny print of ads when viewed on screens, the easiness to click and skip right through pages filled with advertisements and the possibility that those digital consumers are most likely on the go and skimming through each page while paying no attention to ads or stories they have no interest reading.

However, in the article, Readers Respond To Newspapers’ Digital Ads, Erik Sass discussed the possible positive effects of digital newspaper advertisements.

When describing the results of a survey conducted among 2,518 online viewers, Erik stated, “Newspapers have a wide digital reach, with 60% of respondents saying they looked at an online version from a laptop or desktop in the last week, while 26% said they looked an online version using a smartphone, and 12% looked at online version using a tablet.”

“73% of respondents said they have used printed circulars included in newspapers in the past 30 days, and 74% said they make a point of looking at printed Sunday circulars,” he added.

Going along with the information provided in Erik Sass’ article, a recent News Release provided by The Media Audit  earlier last week touched on the same subject displaying the headline, Newspaper Websites Continue to Dominate Local Web.

“Newspapers continue to be the dominant player in local market media websites as they take 16 of the top 25 spots,” explained Robert Jordan.

After going through the list created by The Media Audit (“a syndicated multi-media and retail study conducted in 100+ US markets”) it was prevalent how individual newspapers gained a top spot on their list.

From the their research, Bob Jordan, the president of The Media Audit concluded that, “When you look at the newspapers with the strongest websites, you’ll notice these newspapers also have strong print penetration (60 to 70%) in their markets.  This indicates strong relevance of the newspaer and its website in the community.”

“Newspapers are still the largest news gathering organization in any community and this positions the newspapers and their websites for what the community wants,” he added.

After reading Erik’s article and the news release, it is noticeable that with the growing advancements in technology, newspaper advertisers are still able to properly target their audiences both in print and online versions.

Do you think that print newspapers will eventually disappear and could this trend be the outcome for magazines, trade publications and newsletters?


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