Hope You Never Receive One of These!

In his article, BreakUpWithYourAdAgency.com: Funny stunt or distressing gag?, Rupal Parekh explained his confusion of Rockit Science Agency’s new site’s purpose and the reasoning behind its creation.

Parekh’s main question was, “Why would an agency, knowing the challenges that shops today face in maintaining a lasting relationship — everything from shortened CMO tenure to cutbacks in marketing budgets — make light of the issues?”

With Rockit Science being an agency who represents over a dozen different companies and organization including Pepsi, Cotton and BlueCross BlueShield, in our opinion, it wasn’t going to do anything to tarnish its name and was definitely not making a suggestion for any of its clients.

Rockit Science’s VP, Bret Sims explained the website launch as, “It’s meant to be for fun and show our agency’s creativity.”

He admitted to hearing clients’ problems and described the most common as, ” [agencies] are not adopting the principles behind social media.”

After looking at the website (BreakUpWithYourAdAgeny.com) it looked harmless and as a funny and creative way to target ones frustration with their partners.  One feature was being able to choose a mood which when generated, will correlate with the background of the letter-bunnies and butterflies or tombstones and skulls.

The site may be funny and meant as joke, but it’s prevalent that Rockit Science would agree with many other agencies that if a client is having a difficult time with its agency or the agency is not meeting their criteria, the best option is to talk with one another.

What do you think of the website-gutsy on the part of the agency or seen as being creative?


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