Surviving Social Media

Charles Darwin’s famous theory summarized as the “survival of the fittest” holds true both in natural selection and in  constantly changing business practices.

In Eric Savitz’s article, 10 Ways Your Business Can Combat Digital Darwinism, he explains how it is more than just knowing who your customers are, but also having an understanding of their behaviors.  Due to the always changing technology and social media habits, no matter if it’s a big or small company if they understand and adapt to the changing behaviors of consumers, technology’s influence, they will be able to deliver value and build a  strong relationship.

Brands need to realize the overall impact of social media both on their end and with the consumers.  When new technology and different interactive mediums become available, consumers’ mind sets evolve with new expectations.

“…digital Darwinism-the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to adapt,” stated Eric Savitz.

“But if you are to change, you need to better understand exactly how technology is influencing the behavior of your customers and why,” he added.

Everyone can be adaptable to change, however it is the way one goes about doing so that affects the end result.  Even though social media is thought of as the force that is pushing consumers to interact with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest through smartphones and iPads, the ultimate forces are the evolving habits of consumers.

Eric describes why changes are occurring in business environments when he states, “What the social media gurus aren’t telling you is that the landscape for business isn’t changing because of social media-it’s changing because consumer expectations are evolving.”

“The truth is that you can create brand pages on every social network you can imagine and you won’t succeed unless you know whom you’re trying to reach and where, what it is consumers expect and value, and how these channels represent a meaningful opportunity for you and your customers to connect,” he added.

Wanting to succeed and being able to succeed are too different thoughts.  In order to succeed, a brand should know its customers and how to reach them-through various mediums, offering different opportunities, delivering the value expected, and by always having a open-line of communication.

In order to successfully reach target audiences on social media sites, brands should understand 10 trends and resources that consumers interact with:

  1. Social networks
  2. Geolocation check-in services
  3. Crowdsourced discounts
  4. Social commerce services
  5. Referral based solutions
  6. Gamification platforms
  7. Mobile device usage
  8. Online presence
  9. Consumer click path
  10. Expectations of connected consumers

Besides keeping up to date with these 10 top trends of evolving consumer habits, Eric summarized his findings as, “To succeed, it takes a culture of customer centricity and the ability to recognize new opportunities and adapt based on what the present.”

Do you believe that the developments occurring in social media sites influence you to purchase differently? Possibly due to the mass amounts of brand status updates or constant tweets advertising why its brand is the best?


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