Strategy Before Creativity

In a recent article, Six Reasons Media Strategy Should Come Before Creative,  Antony Young described various reasons why the delivery of a brand is becoming more important than what is being said in that same delivery. We were always taught to think before you speak– now a day companies are beginning to strategize (think) before they have the correct ad text and images (speak).

Young explains in prior years, marketing campaigns were concerned more about the television spots and appearance rather than the approach and actual planning.  However, this marketing process is changing and he [Young] believes it has to do with the following six reasons:

  1. We’ve Moved From a World of Mad Men to Math Men (and Women)
  2. The Big TV Idea Has Lost Ground to Small, Smartly Placed, Relevant Ideas
  3. Right Media, Right Message
  4. Content is Still Very Much King, But Which Kind of Content?
  5. Adaptive Marketing
  6. Media is More than a Venue for Your Ads

We agree with all of Young’s reasons and see numbers 2, 3 and 4 as significant reasons why the marketing process and meeting agendas are changing.

The Big TV Idea Has Lost Ground to Small, Smartly Placed, Relevant Ideas

“The Big Idea just isn’t a scalable proposition in advertising”, said Antony Young.

“Smart, tactical use of custom messages in different media at relevant times, locations and environments is what creates engagement”, he added.

With many brands eager to have that “one” big or great idea, they are forgetting that the combination of smaller good ideas can have a similar affect among viewers and establish the necessary long-term relationship.

Right Media, Right Message

“He said the relative importance of different media would help him judge the potential campaign concepts better,” explained Young while sharing a story about a past job experience.

No matter what creative team or ideas a brand may have, if they are not executed in the correct manner or medium then they will lose their effect.

A proper advertisement for either a magazine, billboard, 30-second commercial or online banner has to not only reach the correct target audience, but also make sense when viewed in those mediums.

Content is Still Very Much King, Bu Which Kind of Content?

Antony Young’s advice was to create a media plan prior to determining what various forms of creative assets are needed.

We consider strategy the road map for any communication.  By developing a plan first, it allows the marketing/advertising team to think of new ideas, edit old ones to fit within the plan and make sure the text of the ad and visuals make the ideas come to life!

Do you think that having a strategy prior to finishing the creative aspect will produce a better outcome among the targeted audiences? Or do you think creativity is what sparks the ideas within a successful strategy?


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