Brands’ Advertisements on Television & Online

Nielsen is known as a “global leader in measurement and information” and provides its clients with the understanding of their consumer which is the tool needed to make right decisions and will help with profitability.

In the article, New Nielsen Ratings to Measure TV and Online Ads Together, Brian Steltes discusses how Nielsen is taking its efforts a step further and beginning to use a new system to fulfill all of its clients’ needs.

“The new system, given the name “cross-platform campaign ratings,” will combine Nielsen’s existing television ratings, which measure the reach and frequency of ads on TV, with Nielsen’s new online campaign ratings, which apply the same measurements to the Web.”

“This is a major breakthrough.  This measure will show you the reach of your campaign on TV, the reach of your campaign online, and will show you the overlap between the two,” said an enthusiastic Steve Hasker, president of media products and advertiser solutions at Nielsen.

Frustrated companies and angencies have been wanting and needing a way to analyze if the combination of their advertisements on two different mediums have a positive or negative effect on the brand.

  • Do both forms of advertising portray the brand in a similar and correct way?
  • Do each reach the intended target market?

Nielsen’s new system foreshadows many benefits for clients and buyers.  With this system, clients will be able to optimize the television-online campaigns.  For buyers, it will reduce problems when media buying.

For example, a car company is advertising a new type of car in a television commercial and at the end summarizes a way a consumer could win one of the first 100 made.  This campaign includes both mediums and in the client’s mind the efforts should work together…but does it?

This car company could then use Nielsen’s “cross-platform campaign ratings” to see if their vision was correct.  With the use of this system, the client could see how many people are viewing its commercial and if a similar percentage of online users are entering the contest after viewing the commercial.  This information will aid the car company in determining if their ads on both mediums are receiving the anticipated views and interaction.

Next time while watching television, try to identify those commercials that direct you to a company’s website or social media sites.  Also, notice how many companies  actually replay their current commercials on the main page of their website.

With the ever-changing technology, Nielsen also foresees an extended cross-platform system that will eventually deal with smartphones.  This system may involve analyzing the use of apps or the amount of QR codes scanned by consumers compared to the company’s other forms of advertising.


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