Ready or Not the New Facebook is Here!

Nowadays Facebook is becoming a useful tool not only for individuals, but also those brands that are reaching out to their audiences on a personal level.  When buying a specific brand at a local grocery store, the only possible bond formed is with the cashier, who doesn’t have any connection to that brand.  However, Facebook is opening up a new communication tunnel that will allow a consumer to have a connection with the brand through its Facebook page.

This tactic of brands forming relationships with consumers through Facebook will improve with the introduction of timelines on brands’ Facebook pages.  Timelines, seen in the top middle of a page, will represent a “first impression” of the brand because it will be the first amount of information a consumer will see when clicking on a page.

In the article, Thriving on the New Facebook: Four Steps for Your Brand, Sean Corcoran explains the four steps in connecting with consumers and getting them to go beyond the timeline and to start interacting with the brand.  These four steps included:

1) Learn how to earn your way into the news feed.

  • 1/3 of women 18–34 check their Facebook status before going to the bathroom when they wake up in the morning
  • Most people don’t visit brand pages, so newsfeeds are where the real action is
  • Learn how to regularly create content that people will want to interact with and share with their personal, professional and public social networks

2) Orchestrate both the drumbeat and the pulses.

  • “Pulses” help increase engagement on an infrequent basis
  • “Drumbeat” of conversations keep the community active

3) Manage, analyze and act on real-time data.

  • “Smart” content calendar – one that is proactive in its planning around seasons and promotional periods, but also reactive in that it is optimized based on the data available in near real-time
  • Success will require both the analytics tools and the people in place to use those tools to collect, manage and analyze it

4) Seamlessly integrate all the necessary skill sets.

  • Requires skill sets that include PR, CRM, customer service, analytics, advertising, editorial and creative development
  • Challenge-getting those skills to work together in real-time

Some brands’ timelines that are worth checking out are Subway, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and Advertising Age.  Many of these brands displayed its company’s history or its “first”.  For example, the first Subway sandwich, the first store opening, and the first issue.


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2 responses to “Ready or Not the New Facebook is Here!”

  1. Jason Tham says :

    I like that you mentioned how Timeline has allowed brands to build even strong consumer loyalty by showcasing their background, or “first.” Facebook has allowed brands to be more personal and engaging to consumers. With the new subscribing (without liking/befriending) option, more newsfeed are driven into users’ homepage. Though the new layout has created some dislikes among the Facebook community.. well isn’t that always the case whenever Facebook launches a new layout/feature? I can’t wait for Facebook’s next move.

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